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Auto Maintenance Shop in Perry, MI: Oil Changes & More

Auto Maintenance Services in Perry, MI: Oil Changes & Brake Service | Elsesser's Auto - engineWaiting for something to go wrong not only increases the cost of repairs, but also endangers you and everyone else in your vehicle.

An ounce of prevention outweighs a pound of cure, yet many drivers think of auto work only after their cars have broken. For this reason, Elsesser’s Auto Repair goes beyond repairs to address mechanical issues before they get out of hand. Located in Perry, we provide preventative maintenance services to drivers throughout central Michigan, helping to keep you and your family safe and your bills low.

A Variety of Maintenance Services for All Vehicles

Elsesser’s Auto Repair understands that your vehicle functions best when every part works well with the others. To ensure this is the case, we take a comprehensive approach to auto maintenance, providing:

  • Suspension Work - Your suspension system absorbs the shocks and bumps of the road, keeping your ride safe and smooth. We inspect it in detail in an effort to identify any flaws that may put you or your vehicle at risk, and repair them accordingly.
  • Engine Maintenance - The better the condition your engine is in, the less gas you will need for your daily driving. Quality engines also make breakdowns less likely, preventing you from ever being stranded with an immobile car. The Elsesser’s team inspects your engine for all signs of damage and/or wear, and if we find any problems, we'll fix them immediately.
  • Fabrication & Welding - Whether due to the unique nature of your vehicle or your personal preferences, you may need customized parts to keep it in top running condition. Our fabrication and welding team is happy to produce these parts and attach them seamlessly to your vehicle.

We guarantee all of our work for the first 24,000 miles or two years after we perform it. This means you can count on us to do the best job possible, giving your car the care it needs to stay in great condition.

The Importance of Regular Automotive Maintenance

Auto Maintenance Services in Perry, MI: Oil Changes & Brake Service | Elsesser's Auto - upkeepAutomotive maintenance is more than a chore - it’s an investment in your car’s safety and your own financial future. The more diligent you are about maintenance, the less likely you and your loved ones are to get into a potentially deadly road accident. Quality auto work also lowers the amount of fuel you use and depending on your plan, it could reduce your insurance premiums, as well. For the sake of both your safety and your finances, don’t pass up a chance to have your car properly serviced!

Car Care Essentials: Oil Change Service from Perry's Leading Auto Shop

In any machine as complicated (and potentially dangerous) as a car, even minor mechanical problems can make the difference between a safe, efficient vehicle and a wasteful, hazardous time bomb. Changing your oil and oil filters is a particularly powerful example. While oil may seem like a minor thing, it provides vital lubrication to all of your engine’s internal components, making it a critical part of effective maintenance. Elsesser’s Auto Repair offers oil changes on cars and trucks throughout Perry, MI and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to stop automotive problems before they happen, keeping your vehicle safe and running efficiently for the long haul.

The Benefits of Regular Oil and Oil Filter Changes

Never underestimate the role of oil in your car. Regularly changing your oil and oil filter offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved Fuel Economy - By lubricating your engine, oil allows you to get the same amount of power for less gasoline. Not only does this save you money, but it also lowers your environmental footprint.
  • Prolonged Engine Life - Besides helping your engine consume less fuel, oil keeps sludge, debris and damaging particles out of the engine itself by trapping them in the filter. Such particles would otherwise have worn on the engine, gradually breaking it down and forcing you to replace it. With a bit of simple, cost-effective maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars by not having to replace this critical piece of equipment.
  • Cooler, Safer Equipment - Oil keeps your engine and other moving parts from overheating and seizing while you are driving. This further reduces engine wear while also making fires and other dangers less likely.
  • Vehicle Protection - By preventing overheating and reducing wear, oil doesn’t just protect your engine, but preserves the entire vehicle. This will allow you to drive your car for many, MANY more miles, while also helping to optimize the resale value.

Oil isn’t just important for your safety. It keeps everyone else on the road secure as well while protecting our environment from the effects of excessive fuel use. For this reason, Elsesser’s encourages you to change your oil as often as possible. We offer flexible scheduling for your next oil change and can bundle this service with other maintenance and repair work to raise the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle. We also cover all of our services with a comprehensive warranty, which applies for the first 24,000 miles or two years after we finish. Our motto is “get it done right the first time”, and we live by it.

Services - Elsesser Auto Repair and Fabrication - icon-contact-callout-autoDon’t take a chance on your car’s safety. For regular oil changes or other maintenance work, contact Elsesser’s Auto Repair today!

"That's the customer service that kept me coming back..."
Adam's always jammed me in-to his hectic schedule, fixed the problem, and had me out at the promised time. That's the customer service that kept me going back. Most recently he offered to do the same thing again when my truck broke down, but this time my rear brake caliper locked up on the way to drop the truck off to him. Not only did he manage to do my original repair, but he jammed in a last-second rear brake job, surprised me with a much-needed tire rotation, and STILL returned my truck to me on time. -Chuck B.*
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