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No matter your maintenance and/or service needs, we can take care of your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Our expert technicians can keep your vehicle going for many, many years. Aside from your home, a vehicle is one of the largest investments you'll make, so we help you keep an eye on it, giving it a once-over every time it's in the shop. We'll let you know when maintenance and repairs are needed, ensuring that you don't have any unexpected downtime. We do it all, and we get it done right every time!

Elsesser's was founded in August of 2006 by Adam Elsesser. He graduated from Ferris State University with an associate's degree in Automotive Service and a bachelor's degree in Automotive Management. He was a GM dealership technician for ten years before founding Elsesser's. Although there are already multiple automotive shops in the area, he saw the need for a top-notch, customer-oriented repair facility in his hometown.

Professional Auto Repair Services For Laingsburg Cars

As soon as something goes wrong with your vehicle, you must take it to an auto shop. Only then can you repair the damage, protect your passengers and prevent the problem from growing out of control. We specialize in:

  • Brake Service - We have a specialized brake shop that offers brake inspections, repairs and enhancements. Our goal is to give you full control over your car's speed so that no matter what conditions you are driving in, you are always quickly able to stop.
  • Suspension Repair - Your suspension system is essential for keeping the car stable on a bumpy road. We fix suspension problems, large and small so that you can drive safely and comfortably.
  • Engine Work - If your engine is subject to frequent breakdowns or simply isn't running well anymore, we can restore it to full working order.

Services - Elsesser Auto Repair and Fabrication - icon-contact-callout-autoKeep Your Vehicle Running Smooth in Laingsburg with Scheduled Oil Change Services!

In any machine as complicated (and potentially dangerous) as a car, even minor mechanical problems can make the difference between a safe, efficient vehicle and a wasteful, hazardous time bomb. Changing your oil and oil filters is a particularly powerful example. While oil may seem like a minor thing, it provides vital lubrication to all of your engine's internal components, making it a critical part of effective maintenance. Our goal is to stop automotive problems before they happen, keeping your vehicle safe and running efficiently for the long haul.

Benefits of Regular Oil & Oil Filter Changes

Never underestimate the role of oil in your car. Regularly changing your oil and oil filter offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved Fuel Economy - By lubricating your engine, oil allows you to get the same amount of power for less gasoline. Not only does this save you money, but it also lowers your environmental footprint.
  • Prolonged Engine Life - Besides helping your engine consume less fuel, oil keeps sludge, debris and damaging particles out of the engine itself by trapping them in the filter. Such particles would otherwise have worn on the engine, gradually breaking it down and forcing you to replace it. With a bit of simple, cost-effective maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars by not having to replace this critical piece of equipment.
  • Cooler, Safer Equipment - Oil keeps your engine and other moving parts from overheating and seizing while you are driving. This further reduces engine wear while also making fires and other dangers less likely.

Oil isn't just important for your safety. It keeps everyone else on the road secure as well while protecting our environment from the effects of excessive fuel use. For this reason, Elsesser's encourages you to change your oil as often as possible. We offer flexible scheduling for your next oil change and can bundle this service with other maintenance and repair work to raise the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle. We also cover all of our services with a comprehensive warranty, which applies for the first 24,000 miles or two years after we finish. Our motto is "get it done right the first time", and we live by it.

Don't take a chance with your car's safety - Contact us & stop by with all your Oil Change Service needs! We're proudly located in Perry and serve the greater Laingsburg area.

"That's the customer service that kept me coming back..."
Adam's always jammed me in-to his hectic schedule, fixed the problem, and had me out at the promised time. That's the customer service that kept me going back. Most recently he offered to do the same thing again when my truck broke down, but this time my rear brake caliper locked up on the way to drop the truck off to him. Not only did he manage to do my original repair, but he jammed in a last-second rear brake job, surprised me with a much-needed tire rotation, and STILL returned my truck to me on time. -Chuck B.*
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