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At Elsesser's Auto Repair, you can rest assured that we're different. No lies, no half-truths and no made-up, unnecessary services. We treat all of our customers and their vehicles with respect and transparency. We know how important your vehicle is to you and your family, so when it comes to getting the job done right, we don't take any shortcuts and use only the best parts.

The original shop was built on Bennett Drive in an industrial park. Adam actually ran the shop entirely by himself for the first five years! When the workload finally became too overwhelming for one person, Adam Elsesser hired his first employee, and the output of the shop immediately increased dramatically.

Quality Auto Welding & Fabrication Services for Shaftsburg Vehicles

If you have a vintage or foreign car with unique equipment, your first thought when you bought it was probably "where can I find replacement parts near me?" Thanks to Elsesser's experienced auto fabrication team, you'll never have trouble getting the custom parts you need to fix or enhance your car. We make all replacement parts according to the manufacturer's instructions and weld them carefully into your vehicle, ensuring that all the car's equipment works well together.

As soon as something goes wrong with your vehicle, you must take it to an auto shop. Only then can you repair the damage, protect your passengers and prevent the problem from growing out of control. By providing diagnostic, restorative and maintenance service, we can quickly return your car to the roads.

Truck Repairs & Other Services from our Experienced Team

  • Prolonged Engine Life - Besides helping your engine consume less fuel, oil keeps sludge, debris and damaging particles out of the engine itself by trapping them in the filter. Such particles would otherwise have worn on the engine, gradually breaking it down and forcing you to replace it. With a bit of simple, cost-effective maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars by not having to replace this critical piece of equipment.
  • Cooler, Safer Equipment - Oil keeps your engine and other moving parts from overheating and seizing while you are driving. This further reduces engine wear while also making fires and other dangers less likely.
  • Vehicle Protection - By preventing overheating and reducing wear, oil doesn't just protect your engine, but preserves the entire vehicle. This will allow you to drive your car for many, MANY more miles, while also helping to optimize the resale value.

Testimonials About our Auto Repair Services:

Very professional and did a great job definitely will be getting my future business. Google+ User*
Gas strap broke on gas tank, on our way out of town for a wedding. I called and asked if he can get me in a half an hour before closing. Not only got me in but found another problem I didn't know I had! Even stayed after to get me back on the road and to my wedding on time! Great service and great people God bless many blessings! Google+ User*

Services - Elsesser Auto Repair and Fabrication - icon-contact-callout-autoIf you're looking for the best Auto Welding Shop around Shaftsburg, stop by Elsesser's Auto Repair today! Affordable services from expert auto repair specialists.

"That's the customer service that kept me coming back..."
Adam's always jammed me in-to his hectic schedule, fixed the problem, and had me out at the promised time. That's the customer service that kept me going back. Most recently he offered to do the same thing again when my truck broke down, but this time my rear brake caliper locked up on the way to drop the truck off to him. Not only did he manage to do my original repair, but he jammed in a last-second rear brake job, surprised me with a much-needed tire rotation, and STILL returned my truck to me on time. -Chuck B.*
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